New Gallery

I have a new gallery representing my work, The Artisan's Bench in Brighton Michigan.

The owner Colin and his assistant Katie are both great people who go the extra mile for their customers.  If you're in the area pay them a visit...

Kickstarter Project

I just launched a project on Kickstarter.  It's not an art project but there are some custom art rewards available on certain funding levels.  "Collar Keepsake" is a pet memorial product that I designed.  It will be listed until August 7th 2015, (43 more days).

If you have a few minutes go and check it out, there is a three minute video that explains the project. is the link,  Collar Keepsake


Note Cards...

I am always asked if I have cards depicting my work.  I still haven't made any but a great company in the UK has.  Art Angels Publishing is a publisher of note cards with imagery from fine artists.   The art of printmaking is featured heavily in the line of cards they produce. 

Art Angels is a wholesale company, so If you have a shop and would like to carry their products contact them.  If you are wanting to buy cards as a customer I think you can search their site to find a retail shop near you.

Sad News...

It was a very busy spring and the shows all went well.  Unfortunately my sweet dog Chumley had to be put to sleep.  She caught some sort of terrible infection and could not fight it.  Her organs began to fail and there was no other choice.  I left the Wells Street show in Chicago early and drove all night so that I could be with her when she was put to sleep.  She was only three years old...I miss her.


I sold my house in Seneca and now live in Greenville, SC.  I found a great new place on eight acres near Furman University.  With the move, setting up the new studio, and four shows coming up it might be a while until I post some new work.